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There are modern tools. Expand the root can bent along the root can reduce the treatment time and increase the success of treatment. There is a strong socket. And feel better than wearing dentures Can be used naturally

Root Canal Treatment Pattaya, Dental Clinic Pattaya, Best Dentists @ Beach, Root Canals in Pattaya, Dentist Pattaya, Thailand

Root Canal Treatment Pattaya (Root Canal Treatment) is a method that prevents us from having to remove teeth. It is a method that can help maintain teeth.

Because when the soft tissue inside the root of the tooth is infected or inflamed. The method used to treat teeth that are destroyed by cavities into cavities or holes caused by inflammation or infection there are many. In addition, the dentin may be damaged. Even if the tooth does not have visible cracks or cracks.

If it does not treat inflammation or infection of the pulp May cause pain or abscesses. Pathogens into the tooth nerve cavity and can cause infection of the tissue in the dental cavity

Root canal treatment The white and hard coated part is called teeth. There is a soft tissue called pulp that consists of blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue.

Create hard tissue around your teeth. During development, the pulp extends to the end of the root, which connects to the tissue around the pulp. Important during the growth and development of the teeth

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When performing root canals?

Your dentist may perform a series of X-rays of affected teeth to help provide a clear picture of the root canal. Root canal treatment, when injecting an anesthetic for a few minutes, will use a thin rubber pad to separate the problem tooth from other teeth.

Your orthodontist removes inflamed or infected areas. The root canal treatment is a clean in the root canal without germs. Then fill the root canal and repair the tooth. Then fill and close the gap for strength and beauty to return to normal use.

After that, wear crowns or other types of crowns to protect and restore the teeth to be completely. After the root canal treatment, it still works like other teeth. It usually takes about 2-3 times to get root canal treatment, depending on the difficulty and the infection condition of each tooth.

Dental Clinic Pattaya, Best Dentists @ Beach

Root Canal Treatment Pattaya

Root canal treatment may have pain in the first 1-3 days after receiving treatment. If there is pain, you can take painkillers to relieve pain. If there is more pain, it is recommended to hurry back to see the dentist who has been treated.

Root canal treatment. In the beginning, the teeth that have not been repaired, it is recommended not to use the teeth to chew. You should always take good care of cleaning your teeth so that there will be no further decay. The teeth will not have pain back.

The teeth that have been treated with the root canal treatment should be taken care of the teeth as well as normal teeth. You should brush your teeth every time after meals at least 2 times a day. If possible, use dental floss after brushing your teeth as well or rinse your mouth.

You should see your dentist to check your mouth and teeth regularly at least 1-2 times a year. About 9 out of 10 teeth that have undergone root can last about 8 to 10 years depending on the care of each person.

If keeping your teeth clean, brush your teeth regularly, the teeth that treat the roots will last for a long time. Normally, tooth extraction is another option.

When there is a decay or infection in the nerve cavity But root canal treatment Is a way to help keep the teeth in the mouth Which can still have teeth that do not require artificial teeth

Dental Clinic Pattaya, Best Dentists @ Beach, Root Canals in Pattaya, Dentist Pattaya, Thailand

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